Guest Translators

The most exciting aspect of Transferre is that many minority-language speakers and translators have answered to my blog’s call.

Transferre now hosts a series of texts by ‘guest translators’, including translations not only from French into Dialèt Bresà (or Bresciano), but also from French into Béarnais (a local language spoken in the south-west of France), from English into Guaranì (an indigenous language of South America), from Welsh into Galician. Also thanks to these contributions, Transferre, despite being a relatively young blog, was mentioned by the National press in Paraguay and the national and local press in Italy.

Noticing these newspaper articles, some high school teachers were so enthused by this project that they encouraged their students to contribute to Transferre, thus spreading the use of some endangered local languages within the younger generations. These young people responded energetically, and even sought the help of their grandparents and older relatives to complete the task.

I hope you’ll enjoy this section of the website!

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