I Líber de Brèsa – Giuliana Bernasconi


On the Facebook page I Líber de Brèsa, devoted to books published in Bresciano (el dialèt Bresà is one of the Gallo-Italic languages of the north of Italy), I stumbled upon this beautiful short poem by Giuliana Bernasconi, which moved me to tears:



From Giuliana Bernasconi, “Sògn de carta” poesie in dialetto bresciano (Fcb, 2009)


I could not resist and attempted a rough translation from #Bresciano into English.

First of all click here for my recording of the original Bresà version and my translation.

Now the English version.





The rain

and the chill tonight

have left on fallen leaves

a string of frozen beads


I’d never have thought

to be able

to recite the rosary

on the meadow with grass.