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L’È TERA DÜRA, Poeti russi in riva al Chiese is the latest book of Fabrizio Galvagni, who has already been featured in Transferre more than once, for his poetry collection entitled Mes

L’È TERA DÜRA is an anthology of poetic transplantations (or trapianti) from Russian into Dialèt Bresà (or Bresciano), the non-standard variety of italo-romance spoken in the province of Brescia, in the north of Italy. I have had the pleasure to write a short preface (in Italian) to this skilful experimental florilegium, where I have tried to make the case for the craft of “transplanting” into minority languages, rather than “translating”. Here is a small excerpt, where I am trying to sketch the outlines of my argument. I am still reflecting on these questions, so all comments/feedback would be much appreciated and valued.


And here below is an example taken from the collection itself, Fabrizio Galvagni’s transplantation of ‘До свидания, мальчики’ (Goodbye, Boys), a song by Bulat Okudzhava (1924-1997), a soviet poet, singer songwriter, and musician.

Here is a YouTube clip of the Russian version:

Click here for an English translation of this text

I have attempted a reading of the version in Bresà. I hope to do it justice.

Click here to download the audio file.


Arividis, gnari, arividis

Tradusiù del Fabrizio Galvagni


До свидания, мальчики
Original Russian Version by Bulat Okudzhava