Poetry Reading: An Evening of Poetry, Music, and Film in Oxford (UK)


The Oxford Culture Review & The Medieval and Modern Languages Graduate Network hosted an evening of poetry, music, and film on 19 February 2015 in Pembroke College, Oxford (UK).

The final programme (here below) included films from the Oxford Broadcasting Association, poetry by Professor Nicola Gardini (Author of StamattinaDiario, and much more), and poetry in a variety of languages including Russian, Italian, Dialèt Bresà, and Gaidhlig!

Here are two videos of the event. It featured compositions in two Italian dialetti (local minority languages) one was my translation (or transplantation) of Baudelaire into Dialèt Bresà (Spleen LXXVIII) and the other was Nicola Gardini’s ‘Li Paroli’, an original poem in Mantovano, his father’s language, another dialect from Lombardy.


Programme, 19 Feb 2015

Programme, 19 Feb 2015