Transferre Receives EHRC Visibility Award

I am pleased to announce that Transferre has been awarded an EHRC Visibility Grant by the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Oxford!

‘The EHRC committee is pleased to announce the first recipients of the new Visibility Award Scheme for staff and students in Modern Languages (University of Oxford)’

This EHRC Visibility Grant will be fundamental to upgrade this website, to run workshops on poetic translation into minority languages in collaboration with the OCCT Research Programme, and to finance the publishing of research outcomes, thus promoting my project on a larger scale.

Transferre will contribute to the visibility of research in Modern Languages, through its website, the dissemination of short videos and podcasts, the organization of workshops and poetry readings, and the production of a poetic anthology. Transferre is a platform for the defence and promotion of minority, regional, and endangered languages through poetic translation; its overall aim is to play an active role in the preservation of linguistic diversity, multilingualism, and the protection of this outstanding cultural heritage.

DSC02367Dr Valentina Gosetti
Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellow
French and Comparative Literature
St Anne’s College, Oxford

Further information on the EHRC Visibility Challenge is available here.